November 2016

Why Am I Seeing This?

How often do you ask yourself this question when seeing something pop up on one of your feeds? Social platforms do a great job of showing you what they think you want to see based off of your friends and activity on the platform. There’s one problem with that. You’re not your friends.

You are friends or acquaintances with people based on your circumstances. You keep tabs on people from high school or people that you’ve met throughout your life but how much do you have in common with them aside from that?

We’re setting out to enhance communities through meaningful conversation by connecting you to everybody that shares your interests. Connect with all of the people that share your interests, not just the few that you’ve encountered by circumstance.

As we get set to launch our latest version of Pinguin, we’re turning to you to identify the communities that you want to be a part of. Do you have something that you love that you want to talk about with other likeminded people? Tell us about it and we’ll make sure you have a community to talk to on launch day.