March 2017

Fewer connections, but more connected

Social networking has become an increasingly crowded and yet impersonal space, a problem I blame, perhaps ironically, on the explosive rise of social networks. In a world where social has connected us to more people than ever (over a billion people are now on Facebook), yet, somehow we feel lonelier and more distracted as a result of it. This is by design.

The effect is definitely one of the most unintended consequences of having a billion people on social media and having 300 or more, on average, friends or followers. I think what’s happened is, we’ve been so keen and focused on connecting to one another that we’ve overlooked the importance of being connected to things that personally matter to us. This is where Pinguin makes its entry.

Social networks make their money by having you on their platform as long as possible. I beleive this to be a poor way to measure a social platforms success or value. Instead, what if you measured net positive contribution? Or avg amount of time well spent? What if we made social networking more valuable and less distracting with an engineers user experience to do just that. What if we engaged only with the things that mattered to us? What if we were able to immediately tap into a community that shares a similar affinity for that thing or topic we also love? We’re fed up with meme factories, social collateral damage, minimal or flat engagement, it’s getting old quick. That is why we’re building Pinguin.

In conclusion, I urge you to next time you’re on your social network of choice, stop and think for a moment. How much of the content you saw did you enjoy? How much do you think you actually engaged with? and did you feel “sucked in” to something that didn’t really matter to you? My bet is that you’ll quickly become immediately aware of all the wasted energy and time.

I’ll end on that note and let you come to your own conclusions. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. I’m happy to answer any you might have. Stay tuned for Pinguin’s upcoming release. We’ll be re-launching in early April with our revised product. I look forward to your feedback!


Josh Purvis
CEO/CoFounder of Pinguin