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Use these LA companies and never go to the mall again.

Who goes all the way to the mall in 2017? Use these LA companies to automate your clothes shopping and be the freshest guy in your office. All of this and  you’ll never have to deal with the Beverly Center parking garage ever again.


Curated monthly packages for only $60 with 40% off + Free shades in your first month.

Join the club and complete a quick style quiz to make your wardrobe unique to you. You’ll receive a package directly to your door with clothes that match your size and style preferences. You’ll also get exclusive access to brands you can’t get anywhere else with their designer collaborations.

Pause or cancel your membership anytime. All items are yours and if you don’t like them, just send them back. You’ll only be charged for the items you choose to keep.

The Black Tux:

You can’t get away with sneakers and hoodies everyday. Sometimes you’ll have to ditch the startup starter kit for something a little bit more formal. The Black Tux has you covered. Shop for a tux or a suit without ever leaving your home.

Choose a style, Submit your sizes to get the perfect fit and keep it for 48 hours to try on. If you have any questions or concerns about your suit, your fit specialist will be available to help you. Shipping is free both ways.


Now you’re fully suited for any occasion. (Almost) MeUndies is a lifestyle brand based here in LA helping make your underwear drawer a little bit more fun. MeUndies delivers what they claim to be The World’s Most Comfortable Basics directly to your door. Choose from multiple plans and get a fresh new collection mailed to you every month.


With sneakers being more popular than ever, GOAT has brought a sense of structure to the aftermarket sneaker game. GOAT is the best way to buy and sell authentic sneakers. By creating an inclusive network of resellers and customers, GOAT has helped to set fair market prices for sneakers. Whether you’re looking for vans or the latest exclusive pair of Yeezys, you’ll get the best deal on GOAT.


Tradesy is the simple way to buy and sell luxury  fashion. Shop designer fashion at up to 90% off, and cash in on things in your closet that you’re not using anymore. Just snap a pic of your luxury goods and upload it to the app to start selling. Sell off your unwanted clothes so you can start the whole process over again.

Introducing Pinguin 2.0 with fun new features!

Since our initial launch, we have been hard at work figuring out exactly what our communities want. While Pinguin is the “Chat app for nerds.” We found that us nerds like to have some fun too. That’s why we’re packing Pinguin 2.0 with everything you need to have the most fun and informed conversations possible.

So what’s new?

In-App Browser: Want to reference some song lyrics or find a link to an article you would like to share? Browse the web right inside of the app, copy the link and return right back to the conversation to share it.

Photo Upload: Our Beta allowed photos taken in the moment. We quickly found that people love to edit their photos or share their favorite memories stored on their camera roll. Now you’re able to share your best moments with your channels without limits (Video Upload Coming Soon!)

GIFs: Who doesn’t love GIFs? We’ve integrated GIPHY into 2.0 so you can react to the conversation with a well-placed cat GIF.

Live Events/AMAs: We’ve opened up AMA channels for some of our favorite influencers to chat directly with their audience. Check in and see if any of your favorite influencers are live!

We’re constantly learning from our community and will continue to build Pinguin to be the best communication tool for you guys. We hope you enjoy 2.o and continue to give us feedback. Check out our official ProductHunt post to find out more about 2.o!

Why Am I Seeing This?

How often do you ask yourself this question when seeing something pop up on one of your feeds? Social platforms do a great job of showing you what they think you want to see based off of your friends and activity on the platform. There’s one problem with that. You’re not your friends.

You are friends or acquaintances with people based on your circumstances. You keep tabs on people from high school or people that you’ve met throughout your life but how much do you have in common with them aside from that?

We’re setting out to enhance communities through meaningful conversation by connecting you to everybody that shares your interests. Connect with all of the people that share your interests, not just the few that you’ve encountered by circumstance.

As we get set to launch our latest version of Pinguin, we’re turning to you to identify the communities that you want to be a part of. Do you have something that you love that you want to talk about with other likeminded people? Tell us about it and we’ll make sure you have a community to talk to on launch day.