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Everything You Need For The Perfect Solar Eclipse Party

On Monday, August 21st, the world will be witness to a complete solar eclipse for the first time in a century. In other words, it’s a big friggin deal. In order to get the most out of this historic event, we have put together a check list of everything you need to have a kickass solar eclipse experience:

When to watch:

First things first, you gotta know when to watch right? Check out this handy website that lets you punch in your zip and find out when the perfect time is to watch all the magic happen.

Online Discussion:

Pinguin will be setting up a #SolarEclipse🌘 channel for everyone to chat during the event. Download the app and join the channel to be apart of the live discussion.

Where to get your solar glasses:

As you may or may not know, it is not safe to stare directly at a solar eclipse. In order to watch the eclipse safely, you must wear approved glasses. Lucky for you, 7-eleven has got you covered. Pop into any location and snag a pair for the big day.

Food and Drink options:

If you want to go full nerd for your solar eclipse party, The Food Network has put together a great list of eclipse themed food and drinks that will really take your party to the moon

The Perfect Playlist:

Finally, you need a solid playlist to set the mood so check out this Spotify playlist of lunar themed tunes.

Startups Making You More Productive This Week

Check out these 4 LA startups guaranteed to help you get a productive start to the week. Declutter your mind, home and start saving up some extra cash.

Acorns: Remember your old school piggy bank? Well, Acorns is a present-day version of that (only better). Acorns helps you save your loose change on all of your transactions. The app will round up all of your credit and debit purchases to the nearest whole dollar amount then move all of the spare change into an investment portfolio.

Earny: With all of the money you’ve racked up in your Acorns portfolio you’re probably going to want to treat yourself. Enter Earny. Earny guarantees that you’re always getting the best deal on all of your online purchases. Minimize your comparison time while online shopping and let Earny do the work for you. Get refunded the difference on purchases if Earny can find a lower price.

Clutter: Too much bad clutter around your house can be a hazard to your physical and mental health while making you less productive. Clear your home and your mind with LA startup, Clutter. Clutter will send movers to help pack up your things and photograph your items so you know what you’re storing. Clutter will then take your items to a secure facility. If you ever decide that you need something you stored, Clutter will gladly bring it back to you.

Headspace: According to Tim Ferriss, many regularly take the time to focus on the present moment. When Ferriss sat down with more than 200 executives, leaders, and other people at the heights of their fields for his new book, Tools of Titans, he found that 80% had “some form of guided mindfulness practice.” (Fortune)

If meditation has never been your thing, Headspace makes it easy for anyone to get started. Headspace has countless sessions to choose from based on desired length, mood, lifestyle and even has scenario-specific sessions available. Sign up now and get a 10-day free trial. You won’t regret it.  

LA Startups of the Week 7/24-7/30

Pinguin is the app for LA’s startup community and we wouldn’t be anything without the companies that are bringing such great talent here to Silicon Beach. That’s why we will be highlighting some of our favorite LA tech companies every week for you to check out. This week’s batch includes a better way to buy movie tickets, alcohol delivered to your doorstep and a rental car delivered to wherever you are. (Don’t use those ones at the same time)

Here are the LA startups of the week that you absolutely have to try!


Skurt is a rental car delivery startup based in LA. Customers can request a rental directly from the app and have it delivered in 60 minutes or less. No need to return the car, Skurt will pick it up wherever you are once you’re done. Skurt is doing everything that traditional rental companies aren’t and that’s why they’re winning the millennial market. Renters only  need to be 21 while most companies require renters to be 25 or above. Skurt gives unlimited mileage with every rental and you can get a car for the entire day for as low as $21. Skurt is currently available in LA, San Diego and Miami. Check them out today.

Saucey App

Saucey made some noise in the press this week as they partnered with Channing Tatum and had him deliver alcohol to unsuspecting customers in LA. While Channing Tatum probably won’t be your delivery guy this time around, we can’t deny the convenience of Saucey. Shop your favorite alcohol and get it delivered directly from the app.

Atom Tickets

It’s certainly fitting that a company aiming to change the movie ticket industry was started right here in LA. The app helps sell unpurchased tickets to theaters nationwide by making it easier for users to organize groups and decide on showtimes. It also allows users to order your concessions in advance with exclusive offers. 


Winc (Formerly Club W)  is a wine startup based in LA that started as an online wine marketplace. Now, Winc produces all of the wine that it sells.
If you’re a wine drinker or just learning your taste, you need to try Winc. You’ll fill out a palate profile that will be analyzed by the Winc team and provide you with recommendations that you’ll love. Great wine that you’re sure to love, delivered monthly for as low as $13 a bottle.

The Definitive Playlist of Tech References in Music

Music plays a big part of the everyday culture here at Pinguin HQ and that got us thinking about all the times a song has drawn its inspiration from the tech world. So we have compiled a playlist of what we think is the most comprehensive list of songs that reference tech and apps to date! This beautiful 2+ hour playlist has bangers that range from Yo Gotti’s “Down in the DM” to classics like Zapp’s “Computer Love.” It’s got something for everyone and we 100% guarantee that this list will make you groove at your desk or your money back.  Check out the links below for the Apple Music playlist and the collaborative Spotify playlist that we hope you keep adding on to if we forgot any gems. Happy Listening!

Apple Music Playlist:

Spotify Collaborative Playlist:


Pinguin Book Club: People Over Profit

This month the Pinguin Team read a very important book, Dale Partridge’s ‘People Over Profit’. The book explains the four stages of honesty and deception and how companies can avoid ending up in the latter stages in the first place.

POP drills home three lessons:

Lesson 1: All companies start out honest.

Lesson 2: Don’t try to avoid transparency, it’s a fool’s game.

Lesson 3: Become a better consumer, because half the responsibility is on you.

Our Take Away:

While most business books focus on strategy and tactics, this one is more about business philosophy. It’s very easy to get caught up in tactics. As a business, your goal is to grow and for a lot of company’s, growing means making money fast and doing whatever it takes to do so. When you operate with speed you often cut corners. We are by no means saying speed should not be your goal but this book makes you think about your moves before you make them. It’s very valuable to be methodical in your movements when growing your company.

For Pinguin, our goal is to bring tremendous value through building communities. You cannot do that by cutting corners. We know that community building is the most authentic form of social engagement and we are focused on making sure our company makes people a first priority. The word ‘user’ is often used to describe a person who downloads your app. We want to make sure we never take a user for granted but forgetting that they are also a person.