Pinguin Book Club: People Over Profit

This month the Pinguin Team read a very important book, Dale Partridge’s ‘People Over Profit’. The book explains the four stages of honesty and deception and how companies can avoid ending up in the latter stages in the first place.

POP drills home three lessons:

Lesson 1: All companies start out honest.

Lesson 2: Don’t try to avoid transparency, it’s a fool’s game.

Lesson 3: Become a better consumer, because half the responsibility is on you.

Our Take Away:

While most business books focus on strategy and tactics, this one is more about business philosophy. It’s very easy to get caught up in tactics. As a business, your goal is to grow and for a lot of company’s, growing means making money fast and doing whatever it takes to do so. When you operate with speed you often cut corners. We are by no means saying speed should not be your goal but this book makes you think about your moves before you make them. It’s very valuable to be methodical in your movements when growing your company.

For Pinguin, our goal is to bring tremendous value through building communities. You cannot do that by cutting corners. We know that community building is the most authentic form of social engagement and we are focused on making sure our company makes people a first priority. The word ‘user’ is often used to describe a person who downloads your app. We want to make sure we never take a user for granted but forgetting that they are also a person.

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