Use these LA companies and never go to the mall again.

Who goes all the way to the mall in 2017? Use these LA companies to automate your clothes shopping and be the freshest guy in your office. All of this and  you’ll never have to deal with the Beverly Center parking garage ever again.


Curated monthly packages for only $60 with 40% off + Free shades in your first month.

Join the club and complete a quick style quiz to make your wardrobe unique to you. You’ll receive a package directly to your door with clothes that match your size and style preferences. You’ll also get exclusive access to brands you can’t get anywhere else with their designer collaborations.

Pause or cancel your membership anytime. All items are yours and if you don’t like them, just send them back. You’ll only be charged for the items you choose to keep.

The Black Tux:

You can’t get away with sneakers and hoodies everyday. Sometimes you’ll have to ditch the startup starter kit for something a little bit more formal. The Black Tux has you covered. Shop for a tux or a suit without ever leaving your home.

Choose a style, Submit your sizes to get the perfect fit and keep it for 48 hours to try on. If you have any questions or concerns about your suit, your fit specialist will be available to help you. Shipping is free both ways.


Now you’re fully suited for any occasion. (Almost) MeUndies is a lifestyle brand based here in LA helping make your underwear drawer a little bit more fun. MeUndies delivers what they claim to be The World’s Most Comfortable Basics directly to your door. Choose from multiple plans and get a fresh new collection mailed to you every month.


With sneakers being more popular than ever, GOAT has brought a sense of structure to the aftermarket sneaker game. GOAT is the best way to buy and sell authentic sneakers. By creating an inclusive network of resellers and customers, GOAT has helped to set fair market prices for sneakers. Whether you’re looking for vans or the latest exclusive pair of Yeezys, you’ll get the best deal on GOAT.


Tradesy is the simple way to buy and sell luxury  fashion. Shop designer fashion at up to 90% off, and cash in on things in your closet that you’re not using anymore. Just snap a pic of your luxury goods and upload it to the app to start selling. Sell off your unwanted clothes so you can start the whole process over again.

LA Startups of the Week 7/24-7/30

Pinguin is the app for LA’s startup community and we wouldn’t be anything without the companies that are bringing such great talent here to Silicon Beach. That’s why we will be highlighting some of our favorite LA tech companies every week for you to check out. This week’s batch includes a better way to buy movie tickets, alcohol delivered to your doorstep and a rental car delivered to wherever you are. (Don’t use those ones at the same time)

Here are the LA startups of the week that you absolutely have to try!


Skurt is a rental car delivery startup based in LA. Customers can request a rental directly from the app and have it delivered in 60 minutes or less. No need to return the car, Skurt will pick it up wherever you are once you’re done. Skurt is doing everything that traditional rental companies aren’t and that’s why they’re winning the millennial market. Renters only  need to be 21 while most companies require renters to be 25 or above. Skurt gives unlimited mileage with every rental and you can get a car for the entire day for as low as $21. Skurt is currently available in LA, San Diego and Miami. Check them out today.

Saucey App

Saucey made some noise in the press this week as they partnered with Channing Tatum and had him deliver alcohol to unsuspecting customers in LA. While Channing Tatum probably won’t be your delivery guy this time around, we can’t deny the convenience of Saucey. Shop your favorite alcohol and get it delivered directly from the app.

Atom Tickets

It’s certainly fitting that a company aiming to change the movie ticket industry was started right here in LA. The app helps sell unpurchased tickets to theaters nationwide by making it easier for users to organize groups and decide on showtimes. It also allows users to order your concessions in advance with exclusive offers. 


Winc (Formerly Club W)  is a wine startup based in LA that started as an online wine marketplace. Now, Winc produces all of the wine that it sells.
If you’re a wine drinker or just learning your taste, you need to try Winc. You’ll fill out a palate profile that will be analyzed by the Winc team and provide you with recommendations that you’ll love. Great wine that you’re sure to love, delivered monthly for as low as $13 a bottle.

This week in LA Tech Events: July 17th- July 23rd

Happy Monday! There’s never a shortage of things to do in LA but if you’re looking for the best tech events around town, we’ve got you covered. Here are the can’t miss events of the week!

Shameless plug: We’re presenting at one of them 😉 

Monday, July 17th

GA x Ziprecruiter Present: How to Attract the Right Candidates

General Assembly and Ziprecruiter have teamed up to bring you this event where we’ll discuss the key elements of attracting and retaining top talent.


Tuesday, July 18th

Effective Design Review Workshop: How To Give & Receive Meaningful, Actionable Design Feedback with Everett McKay

Everett McKay – Author of UI is Communication will break down the design process and teach you new techniques of reviewing, receiving reviews and knowing when to ask for more!

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Wednesday July 19th

Bootstrapping your startup in LA with Pinguin

Do you have a startup or just looking for a place to start? We often hear about huge investments for startups but we rarely hear about the less sexy bootstrap. Local LA startup, Pinguin and others will walk us through their journeys followed by a live Q&A.

They will cover everything from finding technical talent with no money to making “the jump.” Join us for some drinks and a chance to hear startup stories from around LA.


Thursday July 20th  

Silicon Beach Young Professionals Startup&Tech mixer at the Viceroy: Sponsored by Google

Enjoy drinks with LA’s top tech talent at LA’s most successful Startup & Tech Mixer sponsored by Google.

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Pinguin Book Club : Hooked

We as a team always want to keep learning about the social space we are seeking to be a part of. Reading is a great way for us to study about how to build the best conversation app possible.

This month we read the book ‘Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products’ by Nir Eyal. In it, the book explains the four phases of building habit-forming products: Trigger, Action, Reward and Investment. The book dives into each phase and how when used together helps to create an experience that forms user habits.

The part of the book that caught our attention was the responsibility we have as product makers. Habits should not become addicting to users and the habits we do create should enhance a person’s life. The entire reason we are creating Pinguin is because we feel social media has become addicting while being inefficient. Our goal is to create an app where users don’t have to spend a lot of time to get the things they want out of it. We feel this will create an experience that keeps people coming back for more.